Digital estate planning
on autopilot

Your clients have dozens to hundreds of
ever-changing online assets from financial accounts, social media profiles, email, photos, and online subscriptions. Managing these frequently-changing assets for your clients offline is challenging and time consuming.

Keep accurate digital estates

TrustedHeir’s secure cloud-based application simplifies digital estate planning by empowering your clients to actively manage and update their digital estate. It’s designed to automate the process of organizing your client’s digital assets, keeping their login information up-to-date and managing the execution of the digital estate upon your client’s passing..

Paper-free digital
estate planning

With TrustedHeir, simply provide us with your client’s name, address and email and we’ll take it from there. From client onboarding to creating digital assets and assigning digital trustees, to upkeep of your client’s account information, we’ve got you covered.

Intuitive, simple digital estate plan creation

TrustedHeir guides your clients step-by-step to set up their secure digital estate plan including adding digital assets and detailing how they would like each account handled.
Each digital asset is assigned a designated digital trustee who is instructed on what to do with the accounts in the event of your
clients’ passing.

We keep your client accounts up-to-date

With clients frequently creating or updating account information, including logins, managing the process pen-to-paper is inefficient and often results in outdated information.
TrustedHeir removes the mundane task of keeping your clients’ digital estate plan current. We work with your clients to verify that their digital estates are current and error-free.

Digital estate plan execution

Upon the passing of one of your clients, simply initiate the post-passing process with a few simple clicks. Once you’ve confirmed the passing, TrustedHeir works with the designated digital trustees to make sure that they execute on behalf of your client’s wishes.