Securely document your online accounts and digital assets and share them with the people you trust

What is a digital estate plan?

All of us store a growing wealth of information online, and our online presence often outlives us. From financial accounts to social media profiles, email to photos, and online subscriptions, we are left wondering, “what happens to all of this when I die?”

No more pen to paper

Managing our online presence can be complex, especially when storing passwords on paper, exposing accounts as unsafe and out-of-date. By not including your online life in your estate plan or will can leave your family with a time-consuming, difficult burden to navigate.With TrustedHeir, we guide you through the process of organizing and planning for your digital life and make sure that your estate plan is comprehensive, complete and accessible to the people you trust.

Simple digital estate plan creation

In a matter of minutes, you can create your digital estate plan with our simple-to-use online tools. We’ll walk you through step-by-step to add your digital assets and assign digital trustees to those assets. Every now and then, we’ll reach out to you to make sure your digital estate, including all your usernames and passwords, is up-to-date and ask you to add any recently created accounts.

Setting your digital estate

Upon your passing, your attorney will verify and initiate the execution of your digital estate and TrustedHeir will contact your designated digital trustees with next steps including following through with proper account handling as per your wishes. No information is ever shared with anyone except your digital trustees until explicitly initiated by your estate planner.

A plan that safeguards your privacy

We know your online data is sensitive. Rest assured your data is always anonymous, safe and secure. TrustedHeir uses two-factor authentication and bank-level security to make sure that your data is impervious to unsecured networks and public Wi-Fi.Confidentiality is of utmost importance and all information is anonymous and login details are not available to anyone (including TrustedHeir employees or your estate planner). Only your designated digital trustees will have access to your online account information upon confirmed passing or incapacitation.

Why you’ll love TrustedHeir

  • Plan and protect your digital estate including social media, financial and email accounts, subscriptions, photos and more.

  • Stop managing your digital estate with pen and paper. Bring it online and eliminate the risk of lost passwords, poorly managed accounts, and confusion around how to handle accounts after your passing.

  • Always remain in control of your digital estate and provide detailed instructions on what to do with those accounts in the event of an emergency.